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Who We Are

The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation (COF) is a 501(c) non-profit organization in partnership with doctors to provide orthodontic treatment and education for families that cannot otherwise afford orthodontic health care.  Formed by a group of business leaders and orthodontic professionals, the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation exists to assist underprivileged children and families in benefiting from orthodontic care.

The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation is inspired by the vision of Rocky Mountain Orthodontics’ owner Mr. Martin Brusse. His vision was to foster a greater awareness and understanding among the general public about the benefits of orthodontic treatment, and to improve oral health within local communities.   Mr. Brusse believed everyone should have access to vital oral and orthodontic care to develop better health, beautiful smiles, and confident children that can become leaders in the community.

To make donating to our cause as simple as possible, we offer several ways of making donations. To contribute through PayPal, please click the “Donate” button here:


The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation is a proud GivingFirst participant in COLORADO GIVES DAY, a one-day fundraising event run by the Community First Foundation. If you would like to make a donation please click the Logo below (you will be redirected to our GivingFirst profile page):

Otherwise you can download this form to submit a check payable to the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation!  Thank you for your continued support! With inquiries about our tax-exempt number for donations and tax purposes, please contact the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation at (303) 501-3691 or email: